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The Add Method 1:1 Coaching

The Add Method is a 12 Week Program including 1:1 coaching to help develop a strong mindset, habits, and a solid nutrition foundation to help each client reach their goals. 

  • Free Initial Zoom Call Consult
  • Individualized Nutrition Coaching
  • 12 Week Nutrition Program 
  • Weekly Educational Zoom Calls
  • Psychometric Testing
  • Personal Coach
  • Biweekly Phone Calls
  • 2 Monthly Client Check-Ins
  • Consistent Chat Access to Personal Coach
  • Access to App to Journal Foods 
  • Weekly Food Journal Reviews

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  • Access to Exclusive Group Members-Only Group Chat for 24/7 Support
  • Members Only Nutrition Challenges
  • Weekly Education Dripped Into Group Chat
  • Recipes
  • Educational Handouts
  • Supplement Review and Recommendations

Is this program right for you?

If you always seem to be…

  1. Constantly at battle with losing weight
  2.  Always on a fad diet like a keto, low carb, weight watchers, etc
  3.  Can lose the weight, but cannot seem to keep it off
  4. Being super scale-focused and anxious about food
  5. Starting a diet, to only fail and "start again" on Monday
  6. Trying to track macros, and feeling like a failure that you cannot stick to them?

This is NOT for you if...

This is for you if...

  • You just want a quick fix
  • You want a meal plan vs a plan changing habits
  • You just want to count calories or macros
  • You have just amazing willpower - we help those who struggle

  • You want to lose weight and keep it off
  • You want before and after habits, not before and after photos
  • You want health changes that will last decades
  • You are tired of spending hundreds of dollars on supplements, diets, coaches, and weight loss efforts that don't work long-term

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coach april

Since working with Add Nutrition I have been able to keep weight off and still enjoy the foods I want to eat. I didn’t realize how much I was not educated in carbs, fats, and proteins. I used to think protein caused you to gain weight, and carbs were bad.  Now that I incorporate carbs and protein to fuel my body, I have had more energy throughout the day, better rest at night, and kill my workouts. I also didn’t realize how a few days off of tracking wouldn’t hurt my weight. I have such a better outlook on scales, food, and body image. 

- Alyssa

coach april

April and her team are so focused on meeting the needs of each individual, and they know that nutrition isn't a one size fits all approach. They're so accessible, and the frequent connections and feedback allow us to immediately adapt our meals without having to wait until the next session to have a conversation. It's such a personalized approach, and April makes me feel like I'm her only client (even though I know I'm not!)

- alison

coach april

I am so thankful I had April as a coach. It has changed my life for the better. Not because of the weight loss, but because I feel I have a healthy relationship with food and a clearer mind. I was going down a rabbit hole of never feeling satisfied and now that I know how to properly eat, I feel a million times better.

- kristen

coach mason

Mason being able to help tailor a plan for my lifestyle that is realistic for me has been the biggest factor in my success so far. When I tell her something wasn’t working great she helped me find an alternative. I find that I look forward to knowing what the nutritional value of the foods I’m eating is and like plugging it all into the app. She has helped me overcome some of my discomfort talking about nutrition and my lack of knowledge of how what I put into my body affects much more than just the scale. 

- bailey

coach shalena

All my friends, family, and strangers I talk to know about Shalena and all the wonderful girls on the ADD team!! I recommend ADD to absolutely everyone! ADD focuses on their clients as a whole - they not only want me to eat healthily but also want me to enjoy my life. Also, my coach Shalena constantly checks in to let me know she's available to answer questions or support me in any way and is always ready to give out a bomb recipe or advice on whatever is going on. The support and education is unmatched and that is why ADD is the best hands down!

- catherine

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